Chasing Dreams

When I was a little boy I dreamed of playing baseball in the big leagues. Since I grew up in Cincinnati, my dream was naturally to play for the Cincinnati Reds. Those dreams didn’t come to fruition, but I did get to play in college. And I continued to have dreams. As we get older, our dreams for the future may change, but we still have dreams.

I picked up a copy of Unlock Your Dreams by Philip Wagner because I’m a sucker for books that are written with the purpose of helping the reader discover their desired purpose in life. I’m not talking about self-help books. I don’t buy into self-help. I am referring to books that help the reader discover the person that God created them to be. You see, I think that each of us has a purpose. A God created and God ordained purpose. I believe that part of that purpose is to achieve the dreams that we have.

When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, he plants within each of us a dream. Again, I’m not referring to a dream to be rich and famous. But a dream to use the gifts He has given us to make Him famous. As I stated above, our dreams and goals may change over time, but God still has placed them there and has a plan for us and our dreams.

On page 4, Philip writes, “Sometimes we go down one path, pursuing a vision of what we believe we are supposed to do, and then we discover we are meant to do something else. It may seem like a waste of time, but we likely would not have found the new path without taking the risk of pursuing that initial dream.” Remember, I dreamed of playing baseball. Not because I was good. But because I loved it. If I would have not chased that dream to college because I didn’t think I was good enough, I would not have met my wife (who I’ve been married to now for 24 years), which means I wouldn’t have had my sons. I may have missed out on God’s call on my life to be in ministry.

I know God is sovereign and He can accomplish anything in-spite of my choices. But I do believe we can miss out on opportunities that God has planned for us if we are not patient or if we are not in the place He can use us. Philip writes on page 16, “Sometimes God wants us to wait because of timing, and sometimes God wants us to wait because He needs to develop us into people able to accomplish His purpose.”

So, what is the dream God has placed within your heart? Are you chasing that dream or are you listening to the enemy when he tells you it’s a waste of time? God created you with a plan and a purpose in mind. He created you to live a full life. A life of adventure chasing after Him. Not because He’s running from you. But because He is leading you to be all that He created and saved you to be.

I’m not sure I agree with every theological statement that Philip Wagner makes, but I do believe that God gives each of us dreams that He wants us to pursue and achieve. I also believe that if you want help in discovering what that dream is and how you can unlock that dream, this book will not be a waste of time.


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